Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Long time no blog

Haven't blogged in awhile, been busy with the baby and house and husband. So it's high time I catch up and let the people of the world know how we are doing. All is great! Adyson is growing like a weed and she has filled out a lot. Her little legs are chunky and she gets cuter everyday. Her smile lights up the room and our hearts.

Marc is still working for the City of Phoenix and he dislikes it more everyday. I think we need to search for employment in Alaska but he hasn't gotten to that point yet. I am looking for part-time work. I'd love to work at home but need something flexible that will pay good. I got my Caregivers Certificates and I'm actively searching for a good job. I love being at home with Ady but it's time I start to work a bit.
We are all healthy and well. We hope everyone who peeks in on us is as well. :)