Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wow time flies.....

We have been so busy that I have totally neglected my blog! I am trying to be more organized so I can update my blog more often.
Well SO much has happened. Adyson turned 1 on September 18th, she's cutting 4 teeth on her top all at the same time, she's walking and has been for 2 months, she's just growing SO fast she definately keeps me busy and entertained.
We bought a house in Mesa!!! Construction for remodeling starts this week and we should be able to move in late November. We are very excited and I've been scanning DIY Craft sites for ideas on what I can do to decorate our house.
Marc and I are doing well, we are just as busy as bees.

Hope this finds all our friends happy and healthy.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Making lemonade....

So we have had a lot going on lately. We were going to buy a house in Mesa, we had all of our paperwork filled out the financing was all lined up and then we had the rug pulled out from underneath us and we don't get to get the house. We are super bummed....we have both been disappointed, frustrated and sad lately but I think we have a plan for getting a house and being able to move.
I am currently job hunting for something that I can make a career out of, I've had a few interviews and have submitted my resume to dozens and dozens of positions. Hopefully I'll be blessed with a great job soon.
We have also been trying to get pregnant but we have been unsuccessful. After having Adyson my body has changed and so we are currently seeing a fertility specialist to help us be successful in conceiving. We are hoping the Lord will bless us with a new addition to our family soon!!

Adyson is growing SO fast and is teething and she is just as adorable as ever. She has taken to squiggling around so much in her crib that she ends up in a different spot, angle and position everyday. She continues to delight us and she impresses us with how great she is growing up and how smart she is. She is the greatest blessing in our lives!

We hope all of our friends and readers are healthy and blessed!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Long time no blog

Haven't blogged in awhile, been busy with the baby and house and husband. So it's high time I catch up and let the people of the world know how we are doing. All is great! Adyson is growing like a weed and she has filled out a lot. Her little legs are chunky and she gets cuter everyday. Her smile lights up the room and our hearts.

Marc is still working for the City of Phoenix and he dislikes it more everyday. I think we need to search for employment in Alaska but he hasn't gotten to that point yet. I am looking for part-time work. I'd love to work at home but need something flexible that will pay good. I got my Caregivers Certificates and I'm actively searching for a good job. I love being at home with Ady but it's time I start to work a bit.
We are all healthy and well. We hope everyone who peeks in on us is as well. :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Ahhh Christmas!!

Well, we made it through the big holiday with a blast. I was SO excited for Adysons first Christmas. She had NO idea what was going to happen but I was sure excited. I'm really happy about the great gifts she got. She recieved some great educational toys and DVD's and books, some cute outfits and most importantly a lot of love from her extended family. I can't wait until next year when she'll have more of an idea of what Christmas is all about.

Marc and I fared well this year. We had a good time with family and we were able to spend some time together during his days off. Looking forward to the New Year and getting started on our New Years resolutions that we plan on keeping up with this time...yeah right ;)

Hope everyones Holiday was great!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The beginning

This is the first blog of the rest of our lives....wait...that might be too cheesy. Oh well...here's the scoop peeps, I decided it was high time I started a blog so others can keep up on the goings on in the Conant Family as we raise our gorgeous daughter Adyson, work and attempt to entertain ourselves.

I hope you will all jump on board and read about our lives and laugh, cry and just think we are nuts as you learn more about us.

Thanks for peeking!