Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Making lemonade....

So we have had a lot going on lately. We were going to buy a house in Mesa, we had all of our paperwork filled out the financing was all lined up and then we had the rug pulled out from underneath us and we don't get to get the house. We are super bummed....we have both been disappointed, frustrated and sad lately but I think we have a plan for getting a house and being able to move.
I am currently job hunting for something that I can make a career out of, I've had a few interviews and have submitted my resume to dozens and dozens of positions. Hopefully I'll be blessed with a great job soon.
We have also been trying to get pregnant but we have been unsuccessful. After having Adyson my body has changed and so we are currently seeing a fertility specialist to help us be successful in conceiving. We are hoping the Lord will bless us with a new addition to our family soon!!

Adyson is growing SO fast and is teething and she is just as adorable as ever. She has taken to squiggling around so much in her crib that she ends up in a different spot, angle and position everyday. She continues to delight us and she impresses us with how great she is growing up and how smart she is. She is the greatest blessing in our lives!

We hope all of our friends and readers are healthy and blessed!!